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Our team accompanies you throughout the implementation process and supports your organization in achieving its objectives, whether they are: ISO standards certification or process automation.


Service and support

We have extensive experience implementing management software in all areas of business. We use best practices to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction. Installation, parameterization, training, audit support and product customization are some of the steps that make up a project.

For each project we apply our consolidated implementation methodology, which is made up of several steps that, once completed, guarantee the correct functioning of the system and customer compliance.

The project leader coordinates the initial meeting with the client to plan and define the project.
On the client side, all stakeholders participate: system managers, business area managers and project sponsors.
During the activity, the salesperson communicates to the participants the details of the product purchased and the associated services, in accordance with the commercial proposal accepted by the client.
The work teams are defined by both the client and Loyal. At this stage, the dates and deadlines for the execution of the project are agreed.
As a result of this activity, a document is generated that summarizes the topics discussed at the meeting. This document also records work times and agreed dates.

Installation will be carried out following the instructions in the Loyal installation manual.
Then, the correct operation of the application is validated by accessing Loyal from a device other than the server that is connected to the client’s internal network.
At the end of this activity, the installation document is prepared and signed by the faithful installer and the client’s technical manager.

The knowledge acquired during the training of the Loyal module is transmitted.
The settings and configurations made by the implementation team and all associated documentation are reviewed.
The scope of the parameterization to be carried out and the corresponding planning are defined.
The activities are carried out with the participation of the Loyal consultant during half a work day and another half day, the implementation team continues with the parameterization tasks.
At the end of this activity, a record is signed in which a record of the activities carried out and the participants involved is recorded.

At Loyal we adapt to the client’s needs, which is why we offer custom development services on the Loyal platform: personalized forms, specific reports, performance indicators, etc.
Each customization is managed as a new implementation project which must follow the work methodology that guarantees us delivering a product in accordance with the client’s requirements and expectations. The needs assessment stage is very important, which is when the functionalities to be developed in the product are defined. At this stage we participate together with key users so that the specification includes all the expected functionalities. Once the specification is validated, our development team will continue to design and develop the solution. There is a testing stage in which the user can check if the functionality of the solution is in accordance with what was defined in the survey stage. Finally, the release of the new version, when the installation is carried out in the client’s production environment.

The Loyal consultant compiles the documentation to be migrated to Loyal, evaluating its quantity and complexity.
From this information, a migration strategy is developed that involves defining the methodology to use to upload each document to Loyal.
According to the methodology, start and end deadlines for activities are agreed.
The consultant will be responsible for continuing this task.

At the beginning of this activity, the Loyal instructor presents the product and the company. The programmatic content of the course, the methodology that will be used and the required workload are explained below.
In each training day, the first part is focused on transmitting the theoretical concepts and the second part is intended for participants to carry out practical exercises that allow them to finish assimilating the new knowledge acquired.
At the beginning of each training day, a review of the previous day’s content is carried out and users’ doubts and insecurities are addressed.
At the end of this stage of the project, participants sign a report that records the topics seen during the training and the user manual is delivered.

The project leader responsible for executing the project coordinates the closing meeting with the customer and the sales representative who completed the sale.
On the client’s side, all interested parties must participate: systems manager, business area manager and project sponsors.
During this activity, the project leader communicates to the participants the details of the project executed and the result achieved.
The contact details of the support team and the post-implementation work methodology are provided.
The needs for additional licenses, other modules or additional hours of consulting services are evaluated.
As a result of this activity, a document is generated with a summary of the topics discussed during the meeting and a record of pending issues.

We work to maintain the standard of service as a differential. We are attentive to meeting your needs and answering all your questions. Our service is provided via email and through our Fresh Desk, an online ticketing and tracking system.

Call handling process

Answer calls made through Loyal’s ticket management tool.

Incidents of any category are recorded and a protocol is automatically generated.

Possibility of opening calls by direct email with the HelpDesk team.

Incidents reported to the Help Desk will be classified according to their criticality, to assign them a priority level.

Our Research and Development department constantly seeks innovative solutions that help us exceed our own products and the changing needs of our customers. We also carry out on-demand development for process automation that integrates with the Loyal platform.

Our search model:

INNOVATION AND PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT: Our team is dedicated to researching new technologies, staying abreast of the latest developments around the world, participating in global technology and systems events, testing new developments, carrying out prototypes and testing programs.

ACTIVE LISTENING WITH CUSTOMERS: We actively listen to our customers to develop updates, improvements, trends and market needs.

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