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Sistema de gestión de calidad
Quality management system

Management of audits, non-conformities and occurrences:

Manage scheduled audits: internal and external. Issues audit reports, non-conformities, actions, tasks and events. Native integration with Loyal DMS documents. It features customized workflows based on best practices to meet quality, health and safety requirements.

Quality management system


  • Event tracking
  • Collaborative work
  • Effective audit management
  • Notification automation
Sistema de gestión de calidad
Sistema de gestión de calidad
Sistema de Manejo de Calidad

Agility in Management Systems:

  • Events are 100% rastreable. Asegurando la trazabilidad de la información a través de la sección de seguimiento, donde se muestra todo el historial de cada documento.
  • Trabajo 100% trackable. Ensuring the traceability of information through the tracking section, where the entire history of each document is shown.
  • Centralized communication in Loyal, through automatic and customizable notifications. It has a pending board per user to make management more efficient. Increases efficiency by 100%.
  • Reduce the number of late tasks by 50% thanks to a personalized alarm system by areas, person in charge, type of activities, etc. Possibility of escalating alerts in case of non-execution of critical and important tasks.
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