Gestión de Documentos: ¿Sirven los softwares para controlar el proceso?

Document Management: Does the software help to control the process?

A Document Management software is a computer resource specially designed for the creation, exchange, organization, storage and safeguarding of a company’s digital documents. It is an essential tool for the optimization of all business processes, generating a constant improvement in productivity and, consequently, a radical increase in the levels of competitiveness of organizations.


Certainly, the old data storage systems have ceased to be useful because they have too many limitations, both technical and operational. Against this, Document Management software not only ensures immediate access to available information, with multiple work tools, but also guarantees the life cycle of documents, their interoperability and compliance with local and international regulations. As a result of all this, profitability in organizations increases considerably.


In fact, in recent times, Document Management software has become a central element for business development since, in line with the fast evolution of technology, the volume of data that a company must manage has multiplied exponentially. More and more, organizations tend to acquire this IT resource as part of the migration to the digital universe, without which no company could succeed in the business of the future.


Indeed, given that data is the gold of the 21st century, its management can never be a merely marginal issue in the achievement of any company’s activities. For this reason, a Document Management software not only represents the best option when it comes to organizing and controlling all data processes efficiently, but also constitutes a springboard towards taking advantage of all the benefits that technology offers.


Workflow benefits in the Document Management software


Even though the offer of solutions in terms of Document Management software is growing day by day, not all of them reach the professional level that companies require. For this reason, it is very important that the people in charge of each organization know how to get proper advice before choosing a document management software. Sometimes, a bad choice can lead to serious operational inconveniences, loss of valuable information, waste of time, unnecessary expenses and, above all, the wasting of important business opportunities.


A professional level document management software must offer a wide range of resources, such as workflow. Basically, a Workflow is a set of steps or sequences of activities that determine the way to develop a process and the methodology to follow to achieve a stipulated objective. Given the current trend of organizations to seek agility and decentralization in all tasks, mainly administrative and commercial, Workflow represents a key tool in any Document Management software.


A workflow allows you to define how tasks should be structured, which steps should be carried out and which is their correlative order with respect to other actions. In addition, this synchronization of tasks makes it possible to determine the direction in which information should flow within the company, while facilitating the monitoring of tasks and verification of compliance. Therefore, the main objective of the workflows is to reduce time and optimize the performance of tasks by coordinating processes, people and machines.


Since its initial creation, subsequent modifications, and conservation or final destruction, each document, during its lifetime, goes through different instances of editing and passes through many hands. Using a Workflow, the automation and control of the processes that are carried out with the documents within a company are achieved, assigning responsibilities, setting methods and stipulating work times. Thanks to the Workflow tools that integrate a Document Management software, the organizations are ordered internally, they speed up their tasks and control better each one of their processes.


DMS, LOYAL SOLUTIONS’ Document Management Software


With the clear mission of helping organizations to achieve the highest standards of productivity, LOYAL SOLUTIONS offers its Document Management Software, or DMS, so that the information is always available, at any time and place, for all the members of a company. Simple, powerful and flexible, this module is specifically designed to be used in both SMEs and big companies, providing remarkable digital strategies to increase customer satisfaction, facilitate interaction with suppliers and surpass the performance level of competitors.


In particular, our Document Management software is prepared with the objective of managing all the documents generated in a company for their control, publication, updating and consultation by the different members of the organization. It is a module capable of ensuring that each member of the company has access to all the required information in an efficient and secure way. Moreover, it allows to identify clearly and intuitively all the documents, according to their name, version, type, date of elaboration, status, etc.


On the other hand, our Document Management software records the changes operated in each digital file by using control functions, incorporating a table that shows the history of changes. It also makes it possible to establish a workflow for the elaboration, revision and approval of the different documents. Finally, it ensures confidentiality, limiting access to certain folders to people with the required levels of authority, defining levels of access and thus ensuring the integrity of the information.


LOYAL SOLUTIONS is a company that, with more than 20 years of experience, is a leader in technological systems for the management of corporate areas of quality, risk and compliance. We count with a wide experience, a broad portfolio of services and the support of more than 150,000 users distributed in 13 Latin American countries. Of course, all our processes are duly certified under ISO 9001:2015. Therefore, our Document Management software is the best way to provide, through an easy integration, collaborative solutions in an agile and ordered way, guaranteeing the effective control of all the company’s processes.

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