Effectiveness in business risk identification and management.

It manages strategic, financial and operational risks in a flexible way, encompassing all the steps from risk and process identification to control and action design.


Heat Bubble Map to identify affected process.


It manages Mitigation plans.


It allows the design and analysis of automatic controls for RISK-CONTROL-TEST.


Control Checklist to minimize likelihood of occurrencea.

Risk management system to prevent incidents

Risk management systems give all members in an organization access to the methods and tools necessary to act accordingly when facing a conflict or incident.

If a risk management system is properly implemented, unnecessary accidents and costs will be reduced, and work performance will be improved.

It also allows the creation of action plans to control and prevent identified risks.

What is a risk management system?

At Loyal Solutions we work with Management systems based on ISO standards. The ISO 31000 standard contains the principles and guidelines that allow risk management within the organization.

The internal or external context is delimited to define risks, these risks must be quantified and their impact on projects must be predicted.

If risk management is configured as a continuous and disciplined process of identifying and solving a problem, then the system will easily complement other systems such as organizational planning, budgeting and cost control.

The goal of Loyal Solutions is to facilitate strategic decisions and quickly identify the affected processes.

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