Accurate evaluation and tracking of performance indicators.

It allows the status analysis of different processes within the organization and helps strategic decision making.


Management of baselines for each indicator.


Histograms and a traffic-light style color scheme.


Real time measurement and supervision through personalized Dashboards.


Nonconformities, findings and action plans can be linked to performance deviations.

Performance indicators for businesses

Performance management and evaluation is an integral, continuous and systematic process that usually takes place annually or biannually to measure the completion of strategic goals and how they were achieved.

It also notifies when measures are not being taken to achieve said objectives and when they are not likely to happen.

Our performance management software can easily integrate with and draw information from external sources to allow for quick access and easy to understand visual aids, creating a 100% customizable template to view and group indicators by area or process.

All 5 of Loyal Solution’s management systems can be used in different any business or area.

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