Whether you are an SME or a massive international corporation, our software can improve the efficiency of your internal processes. Loyal makes your business simple, so that you can focus your resources on running it and not managing it.

We are Loyal Solutions

We are Loyal, a company with 20+ years of experience. We offer a family of products designed to help you with managing your daily tasks and achieving your long term organizational goals. Whether you want to manage your documents, standarize procedures, develop environmental management systems, achieve IT security or attain a quality certification, we at Loyal have a product for for each of your needs.

Why choose Loyal Solutions?

In its over 20 years, Loyal’s products have been employed in various vertical systems. The difference between Loyal Solutions and its competitors is that Loyal is designed around the user, with a simple interface and a high level of functionality and customization.


  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Avoid document duplicity
  • Improve Customer service
Loyal Solutions


A full web application, the software works seamlessly with the browser, with no need to install the program in every individual workstation.
Centralizes information and processes, making queries and team collaboration easy
Agile management tools for problem solving, with a focus on continuous improvement.
Assures document traceability throughout all the events and files of the organization.
A key component in gaining and maintaining quality certification.
Guaranteed information security and confidentiality.
Agile interface and an efficient display of key information, saving time for users.
A shared working environment that is collaborative and proactive.

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