Us / What we do

LOYAL SOLUTIONS is the Latin American leader in the development of management technology systems for the corporate areas of QUALITY, RISK and COMPLIANCE.
Our products are developed to optimize clients’ processes and results to their maximum potential; our cutting-edge architecture is based on a single, simple and extremely powerful platform, focusing on facilitating management, communication and cooperation between the interacting areas of our customer’s businesses.

Loyal Solutions is headquartered in Buenos Aires, with offices based in Chile and Brazil, partners in several countries and clients in 13 countries.

Why Choose Us?

Continuous Improvement

Day by day, we are driven by our desire to improve, to achieve new goals and to learn from our errors. The evolution of our solutions and the unconditional support of our customers guides our way.


The simpler, the better: This is the motto we employ when designing our products and developing our services. We believe in the advantage of tangible and dynamic results.


As a team, we are 100% focused on our customers’ results. Not only do our customers choose us for our products, but also for the unconditional and continuous support we offer.


We believe in continuously innovating, which is why we develop cutting-edge products. When you merge the experience and the needs of our customers with the creative enthusiasm of our developers, the result is Innovation.


Availability of adaptable products to the changing needs of the globalized world is vital to reach excellence.


“Facts make the difference...”

+ 20

We are a team with more than twenty years' experience in the development of technology products.

+ 150,000

Our products are successfully used by more than 150,000 people worldwide.


Hundreds of companies spread across 13 countries use our products daily to achieve business excellence.


Keeping with our commitment to offering quality products and services, Loyal Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Mission, vision, values and quality policy


We help organizations meet the highest productivity standards through products and services designed to optimize their management processes.


Our vision is to become the most sought-after solution in the international market, for those organizations seeking services and products of excellence.


  • Always think of what is best for the client
  • Overcome ourselves every day with continuous improvement
  • Build a strong, proactive and eager-to-learn team
  • Make passion the engine that drives all our initiatives
  • Be innovative to reach new achievements
  • Build strong, trusting and long-term relationships
  • Humility

We invite you to meet our outstanding team

Our multidisciplinary team continuously strives to add more value both to the company and the product. We are interested in building lasting relationships with our customers as well as with our collaborators. Half of our staff has been working with us for more than ten years, a testament to the positive work environment of our company.

To sum up, our team is based on these pillars:

  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Wide experience in management systems and process automation
  • Dynamic work methodologies
  • 100% customer driven attitude

Let's take a look at some of the milestones in the long and fruitful road we have followed hand in hand with our customers

  • 1900

    Our path to growth started with the commencement of activities as Sisdam SA.

  • 1996

    We proudly launched our first version of Loyal ISO designed to run under Lotus Notes technology.

  • 1998 - 2001

    We were awarded the Distinction prize as PartnerLatam-IBM.

  • 1999

    We won the Contest “Lotus Brazil-Applications” (IBM Company).

  • 2000

    We were chosen as “Top Quarterly Revenue Achievement” (IBM).

  • 2001

    First office based in San Pablo, Brazil.

  • 2003

    Faithful to our policies, we were ISO 9001:2000 certified.

  • 2005

    We launched a new, greatly improved version of our product Loyal, on Java Platform.

  • 2010

    We expanded the business unit Loyal PRO, becoming the main IT development supplier for Equifax Veraz.

  • 2013

    We rebranded, positioning our products as Loyal Solutions and Loyal PRO, for the Professional Services unit.

    We launched a new product: Loyal KPI module, aimed at the comprehensive management of indicators.

  • 2014

    Adapting to our customers’ needs, we implemented the first Loyal Cloud at Lo Jack company.

  • 2016

    A new and innovative suite of products providing solutions for Risk and Compliance management, LOYAL GRC, was launched.

Quality policy
LOYAL SOLUTIONS in its processes of design, development, production and support of software solutions aimed at the comprehensive management of quality and document management of companies, establishes a firm commitment to quality, and continuous improvement as one of the pillars of its management and competitive strategy.

The satisfaction of our customers is a key factor for the lasting success of our company. For this we contemplate the needs linked to our activities and compliance with the applicable requirements.

The fulfillment of this commitment is based on:


We strive to ensure that our customers’ requirements are identified and transformed until they are nothing less than fully satisfied, with the necessary resources to achieve it.


We plan and control our activities, to provide products and services that meet the expectations of our customers.


We commit ourselves to make our multidisciplinary team competent and qualified to carry out the work that affects the quality of our products or services, providing them with information and adequate training.


In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we ensure a good performance of our quality management system, ensuring the conformity of our processes and ensuring the conformity of our products and services. We are oriented to the fulfillment of the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, determined in the IRAM ISO 9001: 2015 standard.