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We created an SMB-oriented product because we know that SMBs need to standardize as much as large organizations do. Based on the cloud, the management system requires low investment and can have a fast deployment.

Saas vs. 'On Premises': What are the actual savings?

No upfront costs: Installation does not require hardware or software acquisition. The customer only pays consulting fees according to the number of hours used to train the future Loyal users. Neither product nor user licensing charges are incurred. The service is paid monthly, based on the amount of users.
It is also worth mentioning that Saas costs are reported as operating expenses; therefore, there is no need to record accounting operations for amortization.

Elimination of Costs: As service provider, Loyal assumes responsibility for tool updates, security administration, and data backup, removing redundant infrastructure and cutting expenses.

Business Focus: IT teams can now focus on strategic projects management rather than the routine operational tasks.

Loyal Cloud Express: What you can do

We invite you to visit the different funconalities of Cloud Express

Loyal [DMS]

Management of Documents & Contents

Helps manage control, revision, publication, updates and consultation of all documents created within an organization.

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Loyal [QMS]

Quality Process Management

Management of all areas in the quality system (Audits, Non-conformities, Actions, Findings) ensuring adequate and timely compliance.

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Loyal [KPI]

Performance Management

It allows the status analysis of different processes within the organization and helps strategic decision making.

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Loyal [RSK]

Risk Management

It manages strategic, financial and operational risks in a flexible way, encompassing all the steps from risk and process identification to control and action design.

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Loyal [CMP]

Compliance Management

It easily and effortlessly manages the requirements and regulatory framework within an organization, working on identifying and rectifying deviations as well as compliance.

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What is Loyal Cloud Express for?
  • SMBs
  • Certified businesses or those in the process of being certified.
  • Businesses not willing to make investments in hardware and software licenses.
Loyal Cloud
Loyal provides all the predefined content forms needed to comply with Management Systems standards and best practices.
For that reason, Loyal Cloud Express does not require time for either parameterization or system administration.
A set of ready-to-use documents detailing matters related to Management is available:

Types of Documents:

  • Procedure
  • Handbook
  • Form
  • User's Guide
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Contract
  • Product Description
  • Records

Quality Management forms:

  • Audit Report
  • Non Conformity
  • Observation
  • Corrective Action
  • Preventive Action
  • Improvement Action
  • Immediate Action
  • Tasks
  • Claims
  • Feedback
With the required credentials, the tool is accessible 24x7 from any device with an internet web browser. On the other hand, Loyal’s own security system ensures access to information only to authorized users, by setting up profiles determined by area, sector, scope, position, etc.
In addition, we have implemented the newest techniques available for security and data protection, in order to minimize the risk of loss of information or service outage, ensuring an effective disaster resistance and expanding recovery capacity after a disaster.
Loyal Cloud Express is an easily adaptable solution which addresses the needs and requirements of customers. It’s a quick and simple process to add new areas and operations to the tool.
Loyal was created aiming at the consolidation of all the business processes in an organization into a one, single, easily accessible environment in which data is protected and available for those who needs it.
Greater productivity
The platform promotes collaborative work, helping the communication across the departments of an organization and eliminating time-consuming redundant tasks.

Competitiveness advantages before customers and suppliers
By helping to ensure regulatory compliance, Loyal promotes a competitive advantage for your organization and demonstrates your commitment to quality assurance.

Helping to ensure the regulatory compliance to demonstrate your commitment to quality.

Loyal Cloud Express can help improve your business performance by seeking the total quality of your processes.


Loyal Cloud Express software offers a pre-parameterized system, using predefined content forms and documents tailored to your company. Low cost implementation and the ability to add new forms and document types with the help of Loyal consultants means quick and affordable solutions.

Allowing the possibility of quick solutions and low cost implementations by adding new forms or types of documents to the tool, with the help of Loyal consultants.

Loyal Cloud Express & Our Customers
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