“With this system we are well prepared to deal with any kind of daily work as well as audits. Loyal gives us the possibility of having all our documents perfectly organized and easily accessible.”

Transportes José Beraldi S.A

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In this opportunity, we share our experience with one of our clients: Transportes José Beraldi S.A.

Transportes José Beraldi S.A. is a leader company in the transportation of oil products in Argentina. It has more than 67 years of experience in the transport of fuels, asphalts, chemicals, foodstuffs, powders and dry bulk products and residues.

Thanks to an interview with Jorge Laguarda, who works as Global Coordinator of Health, Hygiene and Environment (SHE) in Transportes José Beraldi S.A. over 12 years ago, we heard the vision of our client in terms of compliance and efficiency of our services provided and solutions adopted for their requirements.

Very useful to recommend to others colleagues. With this system we are well prepared to deal with any kind of daily work as well as audits. Loyal gives us the possibility of having all our documents perfectly organized and easily accessible.

Our client was in the search and evaluation of different centralization systems that allows for both document management and quality assurance. Having references from others clients, such as Carboclor S.A., is that Transportes José Beraldi S.A. found out about Loyal Solutions and chose us, granting of our efficiency, as well as the highest training facility for its employees, who some had already been in contact with our tools.

Transportes José Beraldi S.A., via Loyal Solutions, decided to implement the Document Management System (DMS) and Quality Management System (QMS) modules over a year ago. Jorge Laguarda tells us that these systems are an essential tool for continuous improvement.

The implementation process was quite simple.

Loyal DMS allows you to manage all the documents generated by your organization for control, revision, publication, updating and consulting. It is a tool that provides simplicity, organization and control over the entire cycle of document and organizational content management.

While Loyal QMS allows you to manage all quality system tasks (audits, non-conformities, actions and findings), guaranteeing that these are carried out correctly and within the established time frame. Loyal QMS provides agility in management systems and provides greater control of occurrences, actions and audits, ensuring conformity and success in certification and client satisfaction.

It began with a pre-meeting where the client presented his issues and requirements.

Transportes Beraldi S.A.'s first job was to identify the different people and different levels of responsibility they would have in the system, in other words, the designation of people who would have the possibility of entering documents.

Then, for each of the documents, sections or departments were defined: Safety and Hygiene, Maintenance, Logistics and Human Management. At the same time, each one is subdivided, as for example Logistics in different operations, Security in different bases, etc. As a result, it was possible to form a network for the distribution of information.

On the other hand, each document's scope was defined, since there is a great variety (policies, procedures and instructions, records, etc.). Finally, each document has a scope to a certain group of people.

Transportes José Beraldi S.A. has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 39001:2012, using Loyal's system for its application.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard

It is the basis of the Quality Management System - QMS. It is an international standard that focuses on all quality management elements that a company must have in order to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of its products or services. Customers tend to choose providers that have this accreditation because this ensures that the selected company has a good QMS.

ISO 39001:2012 Standard

It provides a tool to help organizations reduce and eventually eliminate the incidence and risk of death and serious injury associated with roadway crashes. Adopting a Road Safety Management System is essential for those organizations that do much of their work in transportation.

Jorge Laguarda told us that they have recently had an audit of a client. This is the first time that the company has had Loyal's tools to speed up document sampling.

We found it very useful and the auditors were very pleased because, on other occasions, we had to search through several folders in our system and it was quite complicated to find a document. Nowadays, just by entering a keyword in the search, we find all the information it refers to. It was quite easy

Transportes Beraldi S.A. also uses the Loyal systems for certification specifically related to transport ISO 39001:2012, in terms of policies, instructions and procedures regarding road safety.

As all transportation of dangerous substances (mostly our client's activity), it is necessary for the transporter to determine the route for each destination point. This is done by drawing up what is called a “road sheet” (route and delivery site with its layout).

When we started implementing the Loyal system, we saw that it could cover our needs and we implemented the road sheet as another document, which was very useful because, since we had to make updates and register them, the system also provides us the facility to create new versions with new authorization dates. Then the file has a record of when it was created, authorized and all the versions it may have had.

The system by which a “road sheet” is drawn up is quite complex in terms of the number of steps to be completed, but Jorge Laguarda explains how this process was streamlined from the time a new delivery site is assigned until the driver receives the “road sheet”.

When there is a new delivery site, a risk analysis of the site is sent out. Transportes Beraldi S.A. is in charge of covering the route. If the route is already known, it is only necessary to search for the last risk analysis made on it. Then, the route is traced and drawn in the document, as well as the site plan, incorporating also all relevant information. The document is uploaded to the system in an editable format for review and subsequent authorization.

Once the authorization is granted, the copy is downloaded from the Loyal system in an uneditable format to be sent to an application that the drivers have on their phone.

Therefore, in addition to the fact that the entire process is digitized, there is no unofficial “road sheet” to circulate. Since the process is not immediate, as it has multiple stages (route mapping, review and authorization), if you want to create a “preliminary sheet”, it cannot be uploaded to the Loyal system, while this would be possible by other means. Jorge explains: “With Loyal, we limit the loading of documents that are out of our control”.

We also showed the road sheets through the Loyal system to the auditors and they were really pleased.

After using the Loyal system for several months, Jorge tells us that they have had some requests from their staff, mostly from users who initially did not understand very well how to change passwords, how to log in or how to search for a document. The queries were sent to Loyal's Support Service, where the technicians quickly solved the problems.

When the implementation took place, a set of tutorials with the basic steps were carried out and the staff was able to adapt quickly to the new system.

Additionally, the Loyal system controls the “pending”, which automatically insists that the corresponding personnel complete their task, whether they are reviewing, authorizing or reading.

Jorge Laguarda tells us: “Previously, when we were writing a new policy, we had to make paper prints, give them to all the people involved to sign, and then file all those paper copies. Now, by digitizing the document and uploading it to the Loyal system, when a person logs in to read it, it is already recorded that they had access to that new policy, or instructions, etc.”

Just as there are policies and procedures that are part of areas that are not directly associated with production and for which today the Loyal system is implemented with great efficiency (such as Maintenance and Human Management) , Transportes Beraldi S.A. is evaluating the expansion of the system to other areas such as Environment, Personnel Health and Training, in order to streamline processes.

During the quarantine we have loaded road sheets, audited virtually, modified documents, coded, added details, etc.

In the context of pandemic COVID-19, Jorge Laguarda assures us that employees working from home have been able to access the system without any problem, being able to develop all the tasks inherent to the system.

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