In the technical area we give a particular use to the system, a special development was made which perfectly adapted to our needs. Organising the technical documentation was an issue we had to deal with. Today, we have more than 4,000 drawings loaded into Loyal.

Molinos Agro

At Loyal Solutions we are pleased to share another of our experiences with our clients: Molinos Agro . With more than 119 years of history, the company is a leader in the Argentine agribusiness and has become one of the main processors of soybeans, with a milling capacity of 6 million tons per year.

Currently, 5% of the total soybean meal consumed in the world comes out of the port of San Benito, and about 2 million tonnes of grain are exported. In this way, Molinos Agro is emerging as an international supplier of soybean and cereal milling products for independent customers of relevant scale.

Working with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals, Molinos Agro ensures the highest industrial, quality and environmental protection standards. For this reason, the company decided to implement Loyal Solutions software for the management and control of its processes.

In this opportunity, we interviewed Diego Martín , who has been working as Head of Technical Office for 5 years in the company and is in charge of investment and improvement projects. Through a video call, he gave us his opinion about the implemented DMS and QMS modules for document and quality management. Molinos has been using the application for many years and here we show how Loyal can cross the boundaries of quality. In this case, Molinos Agro decided to expand the system to include the technical team.

When I first arrived, it was a mess. When we were looking and comparing different alternatives, the systems area recommended we try Loyal. The implementation process was successful. Initially we used a test server environment. Then we required special development and the system was able to adapt perfectly to what we needed.

Diego tells us that the company currently holds several certifications in the world of quality. These include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000:2015 and Good Manufacturing Practices. The Loyal Solutions QMS module allows to manage all the tasks of the quality system, to successfully face audits, both internal and external.

We overcame a lot of audits over the years. The system helped us a lot. The auditors were very happy because the software allows strict and rigorous management, as much as they want it to be

One of Molinos Agro's main objectives is focused on responsibility and care for the impact on the environment. With Loyal's help, the company is ISO 14001:2015 certified and has also obtained the Environmental Fitness Certificate, both for the plant and port, as well as for the investments made.

The ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certification is an international standard that allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding the environment by managing the environmental risks associated with their activities. By assuming environmental responsibility, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of its activity, the commercially sustainable image of the company is projected and reinforced.

Thanks to our quality management system, companies can manage all tasks associated with the quality system with the peace of mind that they will be carried out optimally, avoiding all types of operational risks and complying with the deadlines set, in the most efficient manner.

I would definitely recommend the system. I prefer to carry out tasks with rigorous criteria and I think that with Loyal you can achieve a good follow-up, as there are all the steps you need to do a workflow. I find the system very strong in this respect and it is also easy to adapt to using it

In recent years, Molinos Agro has invested to increase production and storage capacity, implement improvements and technological innovations, which have allowed the consolidation of its position in the sector. From Loyal Solutions, we thank the company for choosing us every year to accompany them in this process of continuous improvement.

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