The most important added value that Loyal provided for us was to be able to 'package' in one implementation process the management system for all five of our company's parks.


In this interview we will meet one of our clients: Goldwind and its Environment, Quality and Health & Safety Manager, Renzo Persello . In the following you will find out why LOYAL SOLUTIONS has become another case of success.

Goldwind , is an internation Chinese company with businesses in differetn parts of th e world rooted in wind energy solutions and other renewable energies. The company also manufactures, installs, operates and maintains wind turbines. Ranked second in the world in the ranking of companies dedicated to this field.

At the beginning of the talk, Renzo tells us that the company landed in Argentina with a double function, to buils wind farms and instakk its own windmills. The objective is to sell these farms, wich was deleyed due to de pandemic context.

After 180 days from the date of obtaining the operational authorisation, the ENRE requires all companies that are established as energy generators to implement and certify an environmental management system.

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out how to implement an effective envioronmental management system (EMS). It requires a company to create an environmental management plan that includes: environmental objectives and targets, definde responsabilities, staff trainning activities, documentation and a system for monitoring any changes and progress made. Designed to manage a delicate balance between maintaining reality and reducing environmental impact.

Faced with this situation, at the end of 2019, the Environmental Manager began to design how the management system would be implemented in each of the company's five parks and came to the conclusion that they would need software to support the management of the documentation. After studying the existing tools on the market, Renzo opted for LOYAL SOLUTIONS as he understood the elasticity of the product and that it would be extensible as needed in other Latin American countries, including Brazil, with an extra bonus that it is understood by the language.

As all Goldwind parks are independent units, they would need to have a backup of the information with a good management system because the documentation would multiply.

During the implementation process they highlighted and emphasised the following advantages as an important strength for them:

The technical availability of the system with its accessibility on the web via the Cloud system.

Loyal's extensive experience in management system documentation implementations.

The quality and commitment of the commercial sector to them as a 'potential client'.

Once the implementation was complete, another advantage they noted was that Loyal having a sales office with technical support in Brazil allowed them to demonstrate the added value for the future should they need to implement the tool in other parts of Latin America.

The implementation process was very positive thanks to the support, the explanation, the design and the service with which we were able to arrive satisfied on the closing day of the project.

The fact of having to repeat the same management system for each of the parks, as if they were independent units, implied the implementation of five systems at the same time, leading to a multiplicity of options that were managed as a whole and giving added value to the software due to its parameterisation. If they had had to design a management system for each park, it would have taken too much time.

Even though the restrictions of the 'pandemic' did not allow them to carry out certain field work, there was the possibility of moving forward with issues that are specific to the cabinet. From the end of 2020, when implementation began, to the present day, the process and the uploading of documentation could be carried out and completed without any problems, allowing them to demonstrate that they have made significant progress in these areas.

In the concept of a 'pandemic' on Loyal issues, we were able to move forward as if nothing had happened.

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