LOYAL is vital for the follow-up and visibility of our Quality Management System in a collaborative and organized way.
Macarena Garcés- Quality Assurance Manager


Agrícola Garcés has been using LOYAL since 2009, when the modules DMS (Document Management System) and QMS (Quality Management System) were implemented. Loyal is vital for the Quality Management process at the 16 facilities distributed along Chile.
Agrícola Garcés was founded in 1965 by Hernán Garcés Vial in the town called San Francisco de Mostazal (VI region of Chile).The first export activity was undertaken in 1975 under 'San Francisco' brand.
Established as a family business, his son Hernán Garcés Echeverría joined the organization in 1984, leading the company since then. Currently, Mr. Echeverría holds the General Manager position.
With an industry making not only technological but also industrial advances, Mr. Pablo Garcés Echeverría joined the company in 1992. Currently holding the Agricultural Manager position, Mr. Garcés manages the family lands, totaling more than 1,000 ha.
San Francisco Lo Garcés has been experiencing a strong growth since 1999, which has led the company to set up a benchmark in the cherry's worldwide market. The most recent milestone of the company is the opening of the Industrial Plant in Molina (VII region of Chile) in November 2012.

Implementation of LOYAL DMS as a digital support for documents such as handbooks, procedure methods, instructive texts and quality rules. Using the QMS module, Agrícola Garcés conducts its External Audits as long as the raising of findings and non-conformity, and the pertinent Corrective Actions.

Replace the manual document management system; arrange the company´s documents as well as to facilitate the access to documents to all employees. On the other hand, another important goal sought at implementing LOYAL was the follow-up of non-conformities and the corrective actions.

The following goals were accomplished:

  • Replacement of the manual document management system.
  • Faster and safer dissemination of the documents.
  • Periodical revision of documents.
  • Management System Decentralization. LOYAL takes care of setting the alerts for the responsible staff in every step of the process.
  • Running External Audits for each Observation/NC process.

  • Agricultural
  • Production
  • Industry
  • Commerce
  • Finance and Administration

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