We have to demonstrate that we have the highest excellence in the diagnostics we produce, which is why we took on the challenge of accreditation. It is important to have a system that supports us in this process. Without Loyal, it would have been impossible to manage the documentation of all the laboratories.

ANLIS Malbrán

At Loyal Solutions, we would like to take this opportunity to share the experience of one of our clients: ANLIS Malbrán a company that groups and coordinates institutes, laboratories and health centres in different parts of the country and acts as a national reference institution for the prevention, control and research of pathologies.

Dr. Carlos Malbrán's National Administration of Laboratories and Health Institutes is a decentralised public body under the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Nation, whose basic mission is to participate in scientific and technical activities related to aspects of public health. It is an important international centre for microbiological research where eminent scientists such as Bernardo Houssay and César Milstein have worked.

The institute was founded with the aim of developing biological products for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. This is why it is so important to manage the quality of its processes.

Mabel Villarreal , Quality Management Coordinator, is one of the people involved in the administration of the Quality Management System, working on a daily basis with the Loyal tool. Through an interview with Mabel, we got to know her opinion about the compliance and efficiency of the services we provide and the solutions adopted for their requirements.

Mabel started working at Malbrán in early 2009, where they initially operated a manual document system using Dropbox. Mabel tells us that at a certain moment she said “enough is enough, we have to do something because we can't go on like this”.

Without Loyal I could not have started document management. It's very huge, it's 30 labs and 300 people physically in different places, imagine that!

And she reflects again:

I don't know how I would have done without the software, I can't imagine. We know that there are other clinical analysis laboratories that use mechanisms to circumvent software, but for that they need an expert at a very high cost.

Our client was looking for and evaluating multiple centralised systems that could simultaneously perform document management and quality assurance. For this reason, in 2013 they contacted us, and in this case, ANLIS Malbrán opted for the implementation of the Document Management System (DMS) and Quality Management System (QMS) modules, which have been functioning since then as an indispensable tool for continuous improvement.

The implementation process was successful. The staff quickly adapted to the system, as it is very intuitive and easy to use.

With Loyal Solutions ' help, the company complies with the ISO 17025 accreditation of the Argentinean Accreditation Body, whose main objective is to certify the technical competence and reliability of analytical results.

La Norma ISO 17025 es un estándar internacional que especifica los requisitos que deben cumplir los laboratorios de ensayo y calibración. Es un estándar de calidad basado en la serie de estándares ISO 9000, pero introduce una serie de requisitos técnicos básicos para lograr la acreditación.

For ISO 17025 accreditation, the system is perfectly suited. It allows us to have everything very well organised for audits. The OA auditors are satisfied with the implemented system.

Accreditation to ISO 17025 offers the company certain advantages, for example:

  • Identification of faults and errors through preventive and improvement management.
  • Ensuring the qualification of the organisation's staff.
  • Improvement of the reputation and image of the laboratory both nationally and internationally.
  • Increased productivity levels through process clarification.

We have to demonstrate that we have the highest excellence in the diagnostics we produce, which is why we took on the challenge of accreditation. It is important to have a system that supports us in this process. Without Loyal, it would have been impossible to manage the documentation of all the laboratories

Loyal Solutions' technology platform can help companies implement, systematise and control ISO 17025, as well as help reduce costs, thus facilitating their work at all stages.

We are very satisfied with the system and I have recommended Loyal Solutions to other companies in the industry. I think it is extremely important for all laboratories to have quality management software

Attention is one of our greatest differentials. We are very responsive to the needs and resolve all our clients' queries. Incident handling is carried out through a ticket tracking tool provided by Loyal. Mabel tells us that as the years went by, they needed less and less assistance from the support team and they are very happy with the help provided by the team.

At Loyal Solutions, we guarantee every client two version upgrades per year, including product enhancements. Here we can once again demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.

When I evaluate you as a supplier, with every update of the system we notice a continuous improvement of the software. I am very meticulous with the recording of the application's incidents and in this spreadsheet we can see how the number of incidents reported in Loyal is decreasing.

In the last year, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mabel assures us that employees working from home can access the system without any problems and can perform all the tasks inherent to it.

Loyal's system allowed us to do a very good job of monitoring in this pandemic year. If we hadn't had the software, it would have made it very difficult for us. It's wonderful, it's the head of our management system.

It is important to highlight that, during the pandemic, Anlis Malbrán managed to adapt tools used in the detection of other viruses to optimise the diagnosis of coronavirus. Dr. Elsa Baumeister and the team of the Respiratory Viruses Service have managed to develop for the first time at national level, an Immunofluorescence assay that allows the detection of Immunoglobin M and Immunoglobin G in patients with COVID-19 confirmed by Real Time RT PCR technique. This advance is fundamental to start the national development of an “antibody diagnostic test”.

From Loyal Solutions, we would like to thank ANLIS Malbrán for all these years of accompanying us and choosing us every day. We will continue to improve to make your experience more and more satisfactory.

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