I would totally recommend the tool to other areas, since the implementation experience was very good, the people who participated in the project as well and their predisposition.


We would like to introduce you to Pablo Martínez, Standardisation Analyst within the Quality, Management and Processes Department at AcerBrag. A company with 50 years of experience.

The company belongs to Votorantim S.A., and is engaged in the production of high quality steel products from scrap metal, focusing mainly on the construction, agricultural, domestic and international industrial sectors.

In order to fulfil its mission of producing long steel in a good working environment, ensuring the safety of its employees and the sustainable growth of the community, a good quality and document management system was vital.

As a result of a corporate restructuring, due to the need for a change in the document management system and following the recommendation of Loyal by colleagues and staff from the Engineering and Projects area of the company, in 2020 they decided to acquire our software with the document migration service.

Our experience from the beginning has been very good, the willingness of the team has been excellent, so I would definitely recommend Loyal Solutions to anyone who is looking for a new quality and document management system software.

Pablo explains how they had started to have problems in maintaining the environment, running out of support, and difficulties in uploading new documents and tracking workflows.

Before Loyal, much of the document management was left in the hands of the management analyst, where everything from document uploads, to revisions, to managing controlled copies was centralised. But now with Loyal Solutions, everything has changed, not only are they able to adjust workflows, which they couldn't do before, but they have also noticed a greater involvement of staff, leading to great satisfaction.

During 2020, the implementation and migration of 1400 documents was started. Even in the midst of the pandemic, with some uncertainty due to remote working, the process was carried out perfectly.

Cesar Lopez, the consultant assigned to the project, worked together with Pablo Martinez and in November the project was finalised, granting the DMS and QMS modules to Acerbrag.

César is an excellent professional and a great person, always willing to collaborate and solve doubts, with the aim of achieving the goals in the planned time.

They are currently undergoing a review of the management processes by the corporate side with an agent from Brazil. They have told us that they were very satisfied with the new tool for the standardisation, migration and document review areas.

Pablo emphasises the importance of channelling help tickets through the Support Desk, which he believes is absolutely excellent.

In a few minutes we already have an answer, the back and forth is very fast, so we can be more efficient in providing solutions to our internal customers.

In addition, they are evaluating the possibility of contracting the KPI and RSK modules, as they have internal controls and inventory areas. “We have the potential to exploit Loyal and the different areas are informing us about the improvements they have noticed since switching to Loyal”.

From Loyal Solutions we are deeply grateful to the entire Acerbrag team for trusting us and for continuing to work together.

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